The Panda Experience

Many parents considering preschool may wonder what their children will experience while at school. Panda Preschool includes both group experiences and individual activities that are appropriate for the children’s developmental levels. Children learn through hands-on and active participation with provision for a variety of learning styles. With the guidance of caring teachers, children learn by exploring, acting out, cooperating, listening, practicing and making choices.
The resources for the child’s development include qualified teachers, a child-centered curriculum, and a learning environment that enhances emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and physical growth. The activities include games, sensory exploration, playground fun, problem solving, cooking, creative art and crafts, music and rhythm, small-muscle and large-muscle development, language development, science and nature observation, sharing experiences, religious education and Kindergarten readiness skills. Children are also taught by field trips and community visitors.
The children are surrounded by a Christian atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for each person and for the wonders of God’s world. Each child is encouraged to progress at his own rate of speed toward enriched experiences, self-discipline and the ability to make choices.

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