When is worship?

Traditional worship is at 10 AM 
every Sunday. Present Day Worship (an intimate, contemporary worship experience) is held every fourth Sunday at 8:15 AM.

Is your facility equipped for people with disabilities?

Yes. Our building has an elevator that grants access to every level of our facility. Restrooms are also handicap accessible. Our sanctuary has seating areas intended for those who are in a wheelchair. Our aisles and hallways are wide to accommodate walkers and canes. Large print bulletins are available for those who prefer.

Are children welcome in worship?

Yes! At St. Peter, we believe that all of God’s children have a place in worship, whether you are 8
days old or 108 years old. Children’s bulletins and play bags are available from the ushers. If they
wish, children are invited to participate in a special Children’s Message each week. While we
welcome the sounds of children in worship, a nursery is available for families who prefer.

Are there changing tables available for parents with young children?

Yes. Changing tables are available in both the women’s and men’s restrooms located off of the library.

How often is Holy Communion offered?

Holy Communion is offered at our traditional 10 AM worship service on the first and third Sundays of
the month, as well as all festival days (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.). Holy Communion is also
offered Present Day Worship (an intimate, contemporary worship experience) on the fourth Sunday
of the month at 8:15 AM.

I have a restricted diet. Will I still be able to participate in Holy Communion?

Yes. In addition to the wheat-based bread baked by our members, gluten free wafers are available
upon request. Red wine and white grape juice are also available.

Can I still participate in Holy Communion if I’m not Lutheran?

Yes! Holy Communion is a means of grace offered by God. This gif
t strengthens our relationship
with God, equips us for our service to our neighbor, and helps us remember and reconnect to the
promises made in baptism. While ELCA congregations practice an open table where all faith
traditions are welcome, if you are a member of another denomination we encourage you to learn
more about our Full Communion Partner relationships.